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Our new film Look to the Sky is now available for screenings, and YOU can bring it to your community.

Proceeds from the screening will be donated to the charitable effort of YOUR choice.

Join us on the adventure to share this inspiring message, support local communities, and inspire rising heroes!

Watch this OVERVIEW VIDEO to learn more.
Written Transcript is below.

There are TWO OPTIONS for bringing Look to the Sky to your community:

OPTION #1 : Request a Screening at a Movie Theater Near You

Through our partnership with, you can request a screening at a movie theater in your community benefiting the charitable effort of your choice. 

There is NO fee to request the screening. 

Screenings via are only available in the U.S. 


OPTION #2: Organize a Screening at the Location of Your Choice

You can organize a screening at a venue you arrange.  The event can raise money for a charitable organization, help students, or encourage the community.

There is NO fee for community screenings.

Available worldwide.

Written Transcript of Video


Hi, I'm Brett Culp.  I'm the producer-director of a new documentary film called Look to the Sky.  And I want to tell you about why we created this film, and how you can use it as a way to build inspiration, hope, and to support a charity in your community.

So, Look to the Sky is a documentary film that tells the stories about young people who've exhibited the spirit of Superman.  And it's about the power all of us have, to be superheroes.

But even deeper than that, it's a movie about hope.

It's about what hope is, how we lose it, how we get it back, and why it's so important.  And we hope that it'll be a film that will make a positive difference, and inspire a lot of people.

But we've developed a very unique program, for sharing this film with the world.  And it allows you to request to host a screening of this documentary film, in your local community, to build hope and inspiration, but also to raise funds and to support a charitable organization that you believe in.

Let me tell you a little bit more about that...


There are TWO WAYS that you can bring this film to your community:


OPTION #1 - The first way is kind of the simplest way.  You can, through our web site, click and request a screening of the film, through our theatrical distributor,

Through (and you can link to it right through our web site), you can fill out a form, it brings up a list of partner theaters that are available.  you can select a few theaters, select a few potential dates, and our friends at Tugg will put the entire screening together for you.  They'll organize it, and they'll create a little web page for you, with the date, and the time, and all the information about the theater, then all you have to do is reach out to your friends, and invite them to join you.

There is absolutely no fee for requesting the screening.  But you do have to sell a minimum number of tickets.  Usually it's somewhere in the 60 to 70 ticket range. You need to pre-sell those tickets within about a week of the screening, for the screening to be confirmed.  Otherwise, it won't happen.

I've created a separate video that gives more details about Tugg screenings.  But it's an easy, quick and convenient way for you to bring the film to your community.


OPTION #2 - The second way you can do it, is to host your own screening.

It maybe that there is a location in your world, where you could put a screening together.  Maybe it's a community center, or a school, or just some theater that is available to you.

It could be a free screening, to help the community... or it could be a fundraiser, to raise money for something that you believe in, that's a not-for-profit charitable organization.

Again, there is absolutely no fee, to us, as filmmakers, for you to do that.  We will make the film available.  Now it's up to you, to put together the logistics for that.

To put together the facility,

and the A/V equipment, to invite people, and do whatever you want to do.

Now I will say that this second option, if you're interested in it being a fundraiser, this is a bit of a better option, because you are in control.  There's more flexibility, you could bring in superhero characters, you could do other things surrounding the event to raise money.  And also with Tugg screenings, there is a percentage of ticket sales that goes to the movie theater, and the distributor for organizing all of that.

So Tugg is an easy way to do it, but you don't quite make as much for the charitable organization compared to if you host the screening yourself.


So, the question is -

do you want to do the turnkey approach?

or do want to put in the work, to create your own screening, and be a little bit more in control?

Those are the two options, and we hope that you'll get creative!


With our last film, Legends of the Knight, we offered this exact same approach.  And it was extremely successful. The movie screened in 110 different cities around the world, raising $100,000 USD for charitable organizations. 

It was a delight to watch all the creative ideas and wonderful things that came out....  And I hope you'll engage with it.  I hope you'll find some cool ways to do something heroic in your community to make a difference.

Let us know through our web site if you have any questions, or if I didn't answer something that was important to you.... we look forward to partnering with you on this.

Thanks for joining us. 

Let's keep looking to the sky.