Watch this OVERVIEW VIDEO to learn more about hosting a screening at the location of your choice.
Written Transcript below.

We’d love for you to share Look to the Sky with your organization, youth group, community group, school, or university.  You can host a screening anywhere in the world!

In the spirit of Superman, we encourage you to use the event as an opportunity to raise awareness or donations for a local charity group.

There is NO licensing fee due to us as filmmakers as long as the screening is a not-for-profit, community-focused event.

To screen Look to the Sky in your community, please CONTACT US


Written Transcript of Video

Hi, I'm Brett.  I'm the producer-director of a brand-new film called Look to the Sky.  And I want to share some information with you here, about how you can host a screening of your own.

There are two ways to host a screening. You can screen it through, and I talk about that in another video.  Which is a way you can request, on-demand, your own personal screening at a local movie theater.

But in this video, I want to talk specifically about hosting your own screening, in your own location.

You can host a screening of Look to the Sky anywhere you want, as long as the purpose is to do good in the community.  Some screenings are hosted to raise money for a charity, and that's awesome, we love that.  But there are other people who just host free screenings... in public libraries, at schools, in community centers, or other places where people gather to get some inspiration.

Maybe you want to host a screening for young people, at a school, or just to bring people together for any reason.  Or again, maybe it's a fundraiser, that you want to do something good for a cause you believe in, that's making a positive impact on the world.

We consider Look to the Sky to be an "open source" tool for you to use to create wonderful community experiences for people and to make a difference.

And as long as you're using it for charitable goodwill, and not-for-profit concepts and ideas, then the movie is available to you.


You can reach out to us on the website to let us know what you're up to.  As long as your plans are within the spirit of the project, we will insure that you have access to host a showing of the film.  

You can put the event together any way that you want, invite the people you want, make an impact.  You can set a time, location, any place that you arrange.  You can have people coming in superhero costumes, and through this option, you do raise a bit more money because you don't have to pay the fees for the movie theater.  So, there is a little bit more opportunity for fundraising from ticket sales.

So, what we're providing to you is a free source of entertainment and inspiration...  something good you can do, that can be the centerpiece of that event, but then you can build around it if you want to, to make a great impact, to promote a charitable organization, or an initiative that you're working on, that does good in the world.


So, the details are really up to you - and that's what I really want you to know, from our heart.

We're a little limited in how much support we can provide, but we'll try to answer whatever questions you have, and make the movie available. That's the thing we can do, to make a difference.


If all that sounds too complicated, then check out the other video about hosting a screening through  It's much more turnkey - it's easier, it's all set up and systemized... all you have to do is request a screening, and invite people.  That may be a better fit for you.

But whatever you choose to do, however you decide to join us, thanks for helping us share this movie with the world. and make a difference, and be a real-life superhero in your community.

Thanks for being awesome... have a heroic day.