Look to the Sky

A Note from Filmmaker Brett Culp

I’m so excited about our next film – LOOK TO THE SKY – which is in production now.

When I was growing up, the most famous superhero was Superman. He was truly a Man of Tomorrow who was filled with hope for the future.

As our world has become post-modern, we have traded our bright heroes for gritty warriors. After years of watching the ratings-fueled horrors of the nightly news, many people feel that pessimism is the same as realism. They believe our destiny will be controlled by darkness & selfishness.

Our new film LOOK TO THE SKY will show the beauty & hope that still burns brightly in the world. The Superman spirit I grew up with is still living in the hearts of young people around the world who believe in tomorrow.

LOOK TO THE SKY will tell the real-life stories of young people who have shown the superhero spirit in their lives by overcoming personal challenges and helping others. It is NOT about kids who have been inspired by Superman, but simply young people who embody the classic elements of his heart.

Our goal is to renew people’s faith in tomorrow, for themselves and their communities. We want to remind them that hope is very real & active.  Together, we can FLY!

You can help us make this project a reality by contributing to our funding campaign HERE.

Thanks for supporting us in this heroic mission!

Brett Culp
producer/director of LOOK TO THE SKY