About RHP


Inspirational Films.  Powerful Impact.

haitiWhen filmmaker Brett Culp completed his inspiring feature-length documentary Legends of the Knight, he made a unique and unexpected decision.  He invited anyone in the world to screen the film in their local community with the proceeds benefitingthe charity of their choice.

Without a single dollar spent on marketing or advertising and no paid staff, the movie successfully screened in theaters in 110 cities across the globe raising nearly $100,000 for charity.  Each showing was hosted by local volunteers who took the initiative to organize and promote the event.

The project inspired thousands of people – many of whom had never planned a community event – to become leaders engaged in a passionate mission.

And it was the beginning of The Rising Heroes Project.

Our Work

The Rising Heroes Project produces films and other creative projects that inspire viewers to overcome personal adversity and engage with the world in a positive way.  We believe that uplifting, real-life stories with messages of hope, courage, and commitment have the power to create lasting change.

Through our distribution partnerships, our films are available for on-demand viewings in movie theaters around the country and on digital platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu.

But producing these encouraging films is only the first part of our mission.  We have built partnerships with community leaders and not-for-profit organizations around the world that use these films for enriching local events, fundraisers, and gatherings that encourage the heroic spirit.  For not-for-profit efforts, our films are available at NO cost.

The Impact

Screenings are planned by local volunteers who join together to organize a positive community event that sparks important dialogue about universal heroic values.  Our theatrical partnerships allow them access to a local movie theater with NO upfront costs.  They simply fill-out an online request form.  The revenues our organization would have received from ticket sales are instead donated to the charity they choose.

Our movie screenings have become a tool for both established organizations and groups of individuals newly inspired to make a difference.  This turnkey approach allows “rising heroes” who have never planned a community event a simple way of bringing people together on a positive mission.

Charitable organizations around the planet have received exposure and funding through showings of our films, including Ronald McDonald House, Make-A-Wish, St Jude’s, Boys and Girls Club, MDA, Special Olympics, children’s hospitals, and more.

The films have also screened in elementary school classrooms, middle school assemblies, and added to university curriculum.

The Opportunity

Because of our charitable approach to filmmaking, we rely on the support of generous friends to continue our efforts.   Your contribution will help with the costs of producing our upcoming film and the work involved in partnering with not-for-profit groups.

The Rising Heroes Project is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, and your contribution is tax-deductible, to the extend allowed by law.



Here’s an example of RHP in action…

PACE_03Our team recently partnered with PACE Center for Girls, an organization that mentors & educates at-risk young women:

—  A community screening of our film Legends of the Knight raised $5,000 for the organization.  The event also provided a connection opportunity for supporters of the organization with the leadership and team members.  Attendees learned more about the mission of PACE and how they could become more engaged.

—  Girls from the center and event attendees were invited to add a note to a Superhero Banner, sharing something they have personally overcome.

—  Following the screening, filmmakers Brett and Tricia Culp visited the center, speaking to 50 young women who benefit from the program.  They shared encouraging stories and concepts that went deeper into the heroic messages of the film.

The total impact was funding, promotion, and engagement for PACE, while inspiring the ‘Superhero Spirit’ in the community and delivering positive programming for the girls served by the organization.  The partnership with RHP supported nearly every level of the organization.